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TAGWOOD BBQ Double Argentine Santa Maria Wood Fire & Charcoal Grill | BBQ04SS

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Made entirely of 304 Stainless Steel, the idea behind this grill is that you "manage the fire" by providing you with the necessary space to perform different cooking techniques at the same time. On one side you can slow cook a pig while on the other side you can have your skirt steak, short ribs, flank steak, etc. In other words, you can enjoy from a traditional Argentine asado. The firebox is big enough to hold the necessary charcoal and firewood to maintain those cooking grates at the right temperature always. Also included: an interchangeable griddle to grill up veggies, shrimp, fish or anything that may require this kind of surface; S-Shape meat hooks to slow cook or smoke your favourite foods; a shovel and poker or what we call "the basic tool to manage the embers". Lastly, once you finish and your grills is not hot anymore, you can cover it up with the cover provided.



  • 7238 sq. cm. of TOTAL grilling area
  • 85cm x 42cm main grilling area each side 
  • ALL made of 304 Stainless Steel
  • Height adjustable grates to regulate grilling temperature
  • Round grates for optimal grilling and easy clean up
  • Firebox gaucho style brasero lights up charcoal or firewood quicker
  • Firebrick bottom and side walls minimizes heat transmission to outside wall and extends product durability
  • Water drain system avoids bottom water accumulation
  • Side table attached for extra cooking space
  • 4 Swivel casters improves mobility
  • Bottle opener


Height adjustable grates: this feature gives you the possibility to adjust the height of the grates to control the cooking temperature. Use the wheel to move the main grates up or down depending on what you need (closer to the coals = more heat to sear | away from coal = less heat for slow cooking). It is a feature that you will find in many South American barbecues because it allows you to really master the grill.

The firebox or brasero: allows you to light up the wood or charcoal quicker and with less effort. It maintains the fire lit and away from the food. You can use firewood or charcoal or a combination of the two based on your preference. We recommend using lump charcoal and firewood. Once coals are ready, they will simple fall under. An easy and practical way to light up the fire and grill like a gaucho.

Firebricks: to help transmit less heat to the outside panels but also spreads the heat evenly throughout the grill. This feature is well known in the Argentine grill. It is also a must have because it extends the life of the charcoal grill.

2 different cooking areas to inspire your imagination so you can really “manage the fire”. It provides two main grates where you can cook pretty much everything.