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Chalice Fire Pit - Stainless Steel

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Grill: None
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Stainless Steel Poker: No

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Religiously The chalice occupies the first place among sacred vessels and The Chalice Fire Pit is nothing less. Taking pride of place in your entertaining area The Chalice Fire pit stands out like a beacon in the night, and its glow will draw your guests in closer together and be the catalyst for warm and relaxing conversation.



  • Made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel and 4.5mm in thickness
  • Measures 800mm in diameter & 400mm deep
  • Base size is 320mm diameter and a you have a choice of either 300mm or 150mm high
  • Overall Weight is about 35kg including the base
  • Comes with a 12mm hole in the centre to allow water to drain away


Advantages of Stainless Steel:

  • Completely maintenance free product that will last a lifetime!
  • Perfect to use along coastal areas as it is corrosion resistant
  • Will not tarnish or stain the surface it is sitting on - perfect for tiled areas
  • Easy to clean and maintain thus making it more hygienic
  • Impact Resistant - its almost be impossible to break it
  • The option of a grill plate to be able to BBQ on it, is also available




BBQ Grills : 

Take advantage of all those hot coals and embers in the fire pit by putting on a grill and being able to cook your dinner, boil a billy or get creative and bake a Damper. It gives you the best of both worlds of having a fire pit combined with a BBQ

700mm Diameter Stainless Steel Cooking Grill $150


Ember Screen:

The ember screen will give you peace of mind when leaving a hot fire and hot coals burning throughout the night when its bed time. The ember screen will ensure protection against any spitting timber or flying embers should the wind decide to pick up

700mm Diameter Metal Screen  $60


Fire Poker

Poke, Prod, Stab, Jab and Stick as much as your heart desires with our handy Fire Poker. Forged from solid steel it has a comfortable formed handle for a easy grip and also features a point with a very handy hook. This hook will allow you to pick up the hot grill off the fire pit or pick up the lid off a camp oven plus many more functions you will soon come to discover. It measures about 1 meter long and weighs about 1kg

Fire Poker with Handy Hook   $70