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The Wedge Outback™ 1100

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Steel Thickness: 8mm

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THE WEDGE™ FIRE PIT will make a stunning and unique landscape feature in any environment be it from a small deck, patio, balcony, outdoor alfresco area, courtyard, poolside, rambling backyard or wherever an open fire can be enjoyed. It will also make a great feature and focal point at clubs, pubs, bars, wineries, restaurants and bistros as well. It will form a beautiful gathering place to enjoy the warmth and cosy ambience of a fire by with friends, loved ones and family by bringing your outdoors to life and extending entertaining hours outside.
Only the finest Australian steel has been hand selected for use of manufacture and the specific grade of steel we use is a hot rolled 350 HR BlueScope XLERPLATE® TRU-SPEC™ steel. Over time and left out in the elements THE WEDGE™ FIRE PIT will take on a “patina” (a naturally occurring process of this exposed type of steel) turning from a deep cold steel blue/grey to a glowing autumn yellow/orange and finally settling  to a warm bronze/oxide red. The finish on each one will vary slightly depending on its environmental location and positioning along with the amount of usage and be as individual as a fingerprint. 


Arguably the most popular 100% Aussie made from 100% Aussie materials, 100% Aussie designed, 100% Aussie invented and 100% Aussie owned fire pit and camp cookers on the market today. THE WEDGE™FIRE PIT started life as a school project an underwent extensive development prior to a full laser cut manufacture for commercial launch into stores all around Australia many years ago. It’s been copied in a myriad of forms (rather a complement to its originality of a clever design) but NEVER matched for quality of build and materials, function, form, features, durability, accessory range and all round performance. Unfortunately there comes with copies less quality, dubious claims of steel origin and much more. Cheap copies often cut corners using inferior or thinner gauge steel , make false claims as to the origin or type of steel used and operate from “backyards”  with no listed business address and only a mobile phone number and website. The only corners we cut are with a laser on the radiuses (radii) of our steel removing sharp corners wherever possible. We build to a standard of performance and quality, not just price, with the end use, our customer’s enjoyment in mind. We have a manufacturing base and factory, whereby appointment we will open so you can inspect your intended purchase at a physical address first hand.


  • THE WEDGE™ FIRE PIT OUTBACK™ (also known as THE WEDGE™ 1100)* Available in 8mm or 10mm thick 350 grade HR BlueScope XLERPLATE® TRU-SPEC™ steel
  • 1100mm (110cm) L x 1100mm (110cm) W x 445mm (44.5cm) H when fully assembled.
  • The 8mm thick model weighs 160kg while the 10mm thick model weighs 200kg. Both consist of 5 pieces and require NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS for assembly and are fully precision laser cut manufactured in a raw steel finish.
  • THE WEDGE™ OUTBACK™ (also called THE WEDGE™ 1100) 8mm thick model $1,599.00
  • THE WEDGE™ OUTBACK™ (also called THE WEDGE™ 1100) 10mm thick model $1,999.00

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND