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The Wedge Aussie Explorer™ 500

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THE WEDGE FIRE PIT™ AUSSIE EXPLORER™ range are the world’s first full ALUMINIUM and total FLAT PACK fire pits. They are made from 6mm thick aluminium and are a super lightweight option yet still being large enough to cater for camping as a fire pit or camp cooker all in one. Two models are available the 500 and 600 referring to their length. The profile is low as per the XPWB™ range and the same width as well as the XPWB™ range.


  • 5 piece fire pit
  • Undertray
  • Canvas storage bag
  • Multi-Tool™,
  • Heat resistant safety leather gloves x 1 pair XL
  • Spit rotisserie support bracket set (4 pieces).

Set up it measures 500mm L x 500mm W x 245mm H and weighs 11.4kg (as the complete kit), fire pit only component is 8.8kg.

It packs to 650mm L x 450mm W x 30mm H in the undertray stowed in the bag.




Slot Me In - Additional Information

After extensive development and testing we are excited to release our all new ALUMINIUM and total “FLAT PACK” fire pit & camp cooker, THE WEDGE FIRE PIT AUSSIE EXPLORER™ 500. That’s right you read that correctly 100% Aussie aluminium from the ground up. A first in Australia, if not the world. The entire fire box (5 pieces) and Undertray are made from 100% Aussie aluminium with NO steel components. NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS ARE REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY either, it simply “SLOTS” together in seconds.

Proudly made from 100% Aussie materials and is also 100% Aussie made by Slot Me In, it achieves a significant reduction in weight over some of our steel models for those looking to minimize their weight when travelling and is ideal for caravan owners, 4x4 enthusiasts, RV owners and travellers whom enjoy a fire in the great outdoors and for cooking on as well, that’s lightweight, multi-purpose, strong and durable and efficient.

It’s based on THE WEDGE FIRE PIT “Deck ‘N’ Patio” 500 steel model with a few variations. Firstly the fire box of which there are 5 pieces are 6mm thick aluminium with the sides having a slight fold to provide a flat surface to hold a grill or hot plate. There are slots cut in the ends to accept the spit rotisserie support brackets (also aluminium) which are included in the 2 kit options available. The unique SMI™ Multi-Tool is also aluminium and included in both kits, as is the aluminium Undertray and a pair of heavy duty heat resistant safety gloves, along with a robust and heavy duty canvas storage bag also. The second kit option includes our heavy duty stainless steel bar grill as an addition.

The fire box (5pieces) comes in at a super low 8.8kg and measures 500mm L x 500mm W & 245mm H when set up. It is designed to be used with the included aluminium water fillable Undertray which is included as mentioned in both kits. This enables safe burning on lawns and decks without damaging the respective surfaces. The aluminium Undertray is also the storage tray all the components pack into and when stowed away into the included heavy duty canvas storage bag when not in use. Packed it measures 650mm L x 450mm W & 25mm H.

Able to be used as a safe, contained and durable fire pit outdoors and also for cooking THE WEDGE FIRE PIT AUSSIE EXPLORER™ 500 sets a new benchmark in flat pack fire pits. Our unique drafting vents on the sides are also incorporated with our branding in the ends giving superior burn efficiency.