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SMI Dish Fire Bowl™ Fire Wood Trolley Package

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The SLOT ME IN™ DISH FIRE BOWL (OPTION 1) comes as a complete kit comprising our spun steel with rolled edge dish fire bowl, world first 3 in 1 integrated hot plate, grill and spit rotisserie, safety dish fire bowl cover lid and a heavy duty wood storage trolley on which it all sits.

It's proudly made by SLOT ME IN™ right here in Australia using 100% Aussie materials right down to the castors on which it all rests. Designed as a feature fire bowl that you can enjoy its warm ambience around it can readily when required cater for a hungry crowd too with its awesome cooking abilities. Further to this there is ample firewood storage as well making it one of the most unique if not the most unique dish fire bowls in the world.

The steel used for the dish fire bowl is 4mm thick and for the 3 in 1 integrated hotplate, grill and spit rotisserie 5mm thick, both being BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™ steel. The firewood storage and dish fire bowl support trolley as well as the fire safety lid are made from 3mm thick BlueScope CORTEN™ (a weathering steel that oxidizes to a warm rustic patina over time). The trolley has 5 wheels (one centred, all with non-scratching wheels and can be safely used on timber decks and patios) and is 500kg load rated. There is over 0.75m3 of storage volume under the dish fire bowl easily holing over 1/4 of a tonne of firewood and kindling keeping it dry form the elements, ready for use when required.

The 3 in 1 integrated hot plate, grill and spit rotisserie unit has handy lifting handles incorporated for ease of installation or removal as does the dish fire bowl safety lid enabling the fire to be covered when not in use or finished with to prevent embers escaping. The lid has upward creases giving it strength and allowing for water shedding also when it rains. The dish fire bowl has a rolled edge giving it superior strength and an appealing finish.

Overall dimensions (trolley): 1150mm W x 1150 D x 600mm H and 500kg load rated.

Dish Fire Bowl: 1050mm in diameter, 230mm deep with a raised 35mm rolled edge.

Dish Fire Bowl Safety Lid: 1080mm diameter with 4 x folded safety positioning tags.

Hot Plate & Grill: 50/50 surface area ratio occupying 50% of the fire dish bowl area, with integrated handles and 3 folded tags for secure positioning.

Spit Rotisserie: (SLOT ME IN™EXCALIBUR™ DFB): A one-piece stainless-steel shaft and handle, 8kg battery operated motor, 4 x twin prong produce holders, counterweight, guide bush and bracket support kit.

Weight: (empty trolley, dish fire bowl, lid, 3 in 1 hot plate, grill and spit rotisserie a total of 160kg

Firewood Storage: Up to 0.75mm3 volume wise and easily holds over 1/4 of a measured tonne.