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e-NRG Bioethanol Fuel 40 Litres


Cartons: 2 Cartons
Delivery Zone: Zone 1: NSW | ACT | VIC | QLD

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e-NRG is the highest quality bioethanol fuel available.

Formulated for use in ventless bioethanol fireplaces, e-NRG is the cleanest, most efficient liquid ethanol fuel on the market and produces the best flame each and every time. Each carton contains 20L of e-NRG bioethanol packaged in 4 x 5L bottles. For your safety, our bottles come fitted with a flame arrester.


Shipping Cost is included in the price and cost is calculated by you delivery zone below:

Each e-NRG bioethanol is packaged in a carton 4 x 5 litre units per carton with a minimum order of 2 cartons (40L) 

Zone 1:  
Minimum order is 2 cartons = $190

Zone 2:  
SA, TAS, WA and NT.
Minimum order is 2 cartons = $210


Key Features

Best Flame

e-NRG is specifically formulated to produce a vibrant orange flame.

Clean Burning

Lose the chimney and the flue and keep the heat in - no smoke, no soot, no ash.

Lowest Odour

We use only the highest quality ingredients for the purest experience.

Longest Burning Time

Tested against a multitude of formulas to ensure it burns for the longest time.

Flame Arrester

Our bottles are fitted with a flame arrester which makes it the safest available.


How much fuel do I need?

On average, 5 litres of e-NRG bioethanol fuel
provides 6-14 hours of fireplace use.

Homeowners: moderate climate
The average family in a moderate climate uses their fireplace 2x per week for 2 hours at a time (16 total hours per month).
  • Recommended: 20 litres/month

Homeowners: cold climate
If in the winter season or living in colder climates, the average person uses their fireplace approximately 5x per week for 2 hours (40 hours per month).
  • Recommended: 40 litres/month

Commercial Use
For commercial environments that operate their fireplaces approx. 4 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Recommended: 80 litres/fireplace/month*


Downloads (Important Safety Information)

e-NRG Safety Flyer

e-NRG Precautions for Bioethanol

Bioethanol Storage & Handling